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Couple cooks after reading their Idaho Falls dental care post-op instructions

At Park West Dental Care, we want you to be fully informed and have the necessary resources available to help you and your family maintain and care for your oral health and overall wellness at all times. Your Park West Dental Care team in Idaho Falls offers a variety of informational handouts and instructions pertaining to oral healthcare. These dental care handouts can be accessed here on our website anytime.

Post Care Information

Post Op Instructions

Post Care for Occlusal Splints
Post Care for Dental Implants
Post Care for Temporary Crowns or Bridges
Post Care for Dental Crowns and Bridges
Post Periodontal Treatment Information

More Useful Oral Care Information

New Sugar Intake

Root Canal Treatment
Teeth Whitening Guide
Tooth Sensitivity Information
Cracked Tooth Syndrome
KoR Teeth Whitening Instructions
O & M Treatment
Instructions for Use of a Water Pik
Causes and Treatments for Canker Sores
Causes and Treatments for Cold Sores
Myofacial Pain Dysfunction Treatment Information

Please call our office at 208.932.4607 if you have any questions or need any assistance. Thank you for selecting the office of Park West Dental.